How Environment Has a Big Impact on Your Weight


Your house and specifically your kitchen may be making you fat. The design of the kitchen has a big influence on your eating habits. Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab in New York state, has authored a book titled “Mindless Eating: Whey We Eat More Than We Think”. He reveals ways to make your kitchen your dieting ally instead of enemy.

Larger Plates
Wansink points out that the size of dinner plates has become larger over the years. As a result, Americans are filling more food on these larger plates. A normal-sized portion of food looks small on a large plate. So, people are filling them more and thus eating more too.

Use a Tall Glass
Spoons and serving bowls have become larger too. And for drinking, use a tall glass instead of a shorter one. This is because less water is generally poured into a tall glass. This factor is important when drinking soda or juice which can add on calories.

Mindful Food Choices
Research reveals that on average an individual makes around 250 decisions related to food each day. These decisions range from opting to eat a banana to mulling over the dinner menu. Most of these decisions are made mindlessly. Wansink urges us to become conscious and mindful of how the environment affects our food-related decisions, and make wise food choices. You can control your environment to eat less.

Store Snacks Out of Sight
For instance, take the example of snacks like ice cream, cookies and chips. Most people store these snacks in easily accessible places. When they feel hungry they gorge on these snacks and rack up calories and fat. To avoid this, store these calorie-filled snacks where they are not easily accessible to the eye or hand. Place healthy food items such as fruits in the front part of your kitchen cupboard and tuck back the less nutritious snacks.

Keep Fewer Chilled Cans
When you go out for a meal, ask the waiter to not put bread or chips on your table. This will prevent you from yielding to temptation and gorging on them. At home, keep just one or two soda and beer cans chilled. This will reduce the chances of grabbing too many fattening drinks at one go.

Act Wise and Stay in Shape
When you host a dinner party in your home, do not show off your hospitality and culinary talents by piling a mountain of food on top of the table. This will only make everybody ravenous and pig out. So, be mindful of your environment and make these small changes to eat smaller and healthier portions every day, which will help you stay in tip-top shape.

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