Salmonella Outbreak in the US Kills One, Sickens 77

A salmonella outbreak in the US caused by tainted ground turkey has caused one death and sickened about 77 people thus far. The outbreak started in March and has affected 26 states including Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Texas, Ohio and Michigan, reports the CDC.

Health officials are yet to identify the source behind the contamination. Food inspectors have alerted the public against consuming fresh or frozen ground turkey. They advise consumers to heat the meat to 165 Fahrenheit.

The Salmonella strain causing the outbreak is resistant to many common antibiotics. This raises the risk of treatment failure and hospitalization for affected individuals.

Salmonella bacteria cause abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea. The symptoms can last for a week, but most patients recover by themselves even without treatment.

Hospitalization is required in cases of severe diarrhea. The infection more severely affects people with weakened immune systems, infants and seniors.

The CDC reveals that one in six Americans fall sick every year after consuming contaminated foods. Foodborne infections claim about 3,000 lives annually in the US.

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