Most US Hospitals Do not Support Breast-feeding, says CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that most hospitals in the US do not help mothers breast-feed their new-born babies. Research reveals that breast-feeding makes the baby healthy and reduces health costs.

Low breast-feeding rates costs the US economy $2.2 billion dollars every year because babies fed with formula are more vulnerable to ear and respiratory infections and obesity, raising the costs of medical care for these ailments.

The CDC’s survey found that just four percent of hospitals in the US provide the recommended range of support services to new mothers. Only 14% of the hospitals maintain a breast-feeding policy.

Only 33% of the hospitals allow the new babies to stay overnight with their moms. Others send them to nurseries. 75% of hospitals do not follow up after the mother leaves the hospital.

80% of the hospitals give formula to babies, which makes learning to breast-feed harder for moms and babies. Pediatricians aver that babies should be given only breast milk in the first six months. Breast-feeding should ideally continue for a year.

However women with conditions like tuberculosis or HIV, or mothers who drink, take drugs or certain medications should refrain from breast-feeding their babies.

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