Knee Pain Band

The knee pain band is likely to affect athletes as they are the ones that are most likely to injure the iliotibial band when running. The pain will occur while the person is running and can happen at any stage of the run. It is known to disappear almost immediately once the person stops running and sometimes it comes and goes without the person having to stop.

The iliotibial band is thick fibrous tissue running on the outside of the leg; it connects the knee to the hip and provides stability during movement. Pain is caused when the band becomes injured or inflamed due to overuse, which is likely in the case of athletes. The pain is usually felt on the knee or lower thigh, though in some rare cases it may be nearer to the hip.

The knee pain band is caused by overuse of the band, rapid increase in training rate, bad biomechanics and starting training before full recovery from an injury. Any of these things can irritate and inflame the band causing you untold pain.
There are a couple of things you can do to ease the pain and some of them are:

  • Take some time out and rest your feet. If the pain is as a result of overuse, then all you need is to rest the feet and you should be fine. It is best to keep your feet elevated during this time.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication is a good idea as it is likely to reduce the swelling. If the pain is severe, you can take some pain relieving medication as well.
  • If it is caused by over training, then it is best to reduce the miles you run so that you do not strain your system.
  • You should also make certain to run on even surfaces as uneven or sloppy surfaces put extra strain on the band causing it to give way and get injured.
  • Leg exercises and stretching are also good for preventing injury to the band as they make it more flexible and resilient, allowing it to function better even in the extreme of circumstances.

Knee band pain is a forte for runners but anyone can also be ailed by it. Also, as a runner, should the pain exceed the usual amount where by you are unable to walk then it is best you see a specialist. It is not good to leave these things unattended to as it might be something more serious than just an inflamed iliotibial band.

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