52% of Americans Drink Alcohol, says Report

A new survey reveals that more than 50% of Americans aged above 12 years drink alcohol regularly. 25% indulged in binge drinking recently and marijuana use is popular among teens, reports the study.

The US government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) surveyed more than 137,000 Americans for the study. It found that drinking was popular among those aged between 18 to 25. 75% of youngsters in New Hampshire confessed to drinking recently.

North Dakota reported the highest rates of binge drinking at about 33%, including 25% of youngsters below 20 years. However binge drinking rates had reduced from 19.2% in 2003 to 17.7% in 2009.

There was a slight rise in marijuana use among Americans older than 12 years. 7% of American teens use cannabis, reveals the report.

Marijuana use is most popular in Alaska and Colorado. 23.6% of Americans older than 12 admitted to smoking cigarettes recently. 20% of American adults suffer from mental illness and many of them admitted to recent bouts of depression. But, these figures have not changed from previous surveys.

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