Women and Sex – The Evolution

For a long while now, women and sex was a topic that was taboo until the American feminist revolution and its spread to other parts of the world. In fact in the old days, women who talked about sex were considered to be whores and were accorded no respect in society even if they came to positions of great power. For example, the royal mistress to Louis XV of France in 1764, Madame du Barry, who wielded a lot of power but was still hated by those in the royal court simply for her background.

The myth
Over decades in ancient times and even in some societies today, there has been an assumption that women and sex are not related. The myth that women can not enjoy sex and hate it has been passed on from generation to generation, making women in some cultures think that enjoyment of sex is a crime and if they feel any thing special they end up being guilt ridden about it.

In fact in some cultures across the world, they practice female genital mutilation simply to ensure that a woman can not get pleasure from sex and so is not likely to cheat on her otherwise terrible husband. At least, this is their assumption, these are mostly male dominant cultures where women are considered as property and not allowed to enjoy anything without the express permission of some male relative, be it father, brother, or husband.

It was practiced in northern and east Africa, central and south east Asia, some countries in the middle east, and some parts of eastern Europe. However, the good news is that most countries have outlawed this practice, with perpetrators spending as many as 20 years in prison if caught.

The double standards
With the female empowerment, women felt more free to indulge in sex and talk about it. But after centuries of conditioning, the world was not so ready to move on. Yes, the women could now talk about sex, but many cultures expected their women to be virgins upon their wedding, and even those cultures that were more relaxed expected the women to have only one partner, who they would eventually marry.

Men were allowed to explore their sexual capabilities and live out their fantasies with as many women as they pleased, but if a woman so much as smiled at another man who was not her lover, then she was a cheating slut, which was the least of all the names they accorded her. Even in today’s world, these double standards still exist in some societies, especially the overly religious ones hiding under the banner of God.

But that would bring us to the question, if the men are having rampant sex with different women, who then were these women since the society expected the women to stay pure?

Sexual evolution
Most societies today have come to accept the equality of women and men at least as far as matters of sex are concerned. Most women can now enjoy the sexual freedom enjoyed by their male counterparts and not run the risk of being judged by a constricted society. And with more sexual freedom has arisen the age of gay people and so now the religious folks are encouraging men and women to mingle.

The beauty of the sexual evolution is that it has brought forth all the sexual evils that lay buried simply because women were not allowed to speak of sex. In all honesty, most sex crimes are committed by men and in a society where only men get a say, will they really bring themselves to justice? Even those who did not support the decadent behavior were too low in the hierarchy to make any difference.

Now that women can speak freely of what is not right and what is, it saves a lot of young girls getting caught up in sexual hell reminiscent of ancient times where girls young as 11 years old were sent off to brothels in attempts to please kings and their states men under the disguise of it being an honor both to the girl and her family.

Women and sex have had a turbulent history and have come a long way, but with the sex trade still a problem, they still have a long way to go. Women, fully grown that is, enjoy sex just as much as men do and do not always attach it to their feelings as some are led to believe. In today’s world, women can clearly see what just sex is and what constitutes as a real relationship. So a word of advice to the women out there, do not under rate yourselves, be what you want to be and let no one define who you should be.

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