Pain After Urination

Pain after urination is not an end disease in itself but rather a symptom of some underlying disease that may need to be taken care of. Those experiencing this pain need to find out what is causing it fast or they put their health in grave danger as some causes can only be treated in the early stages but once it is too late they may cause death.

Possible causes of pain after urination

The commonest reason why people experience pain during or after urination is the urinary tract infection. The urinary tract is lined with various organs such as the bladder, urethra, and kidneys. Should any of these organs have an infection of some sort, then the person is bound to experience some pain after urination.

In women, vaginitis can be a cause. This condition is caused by a bacterial or yeast infection and results into swollen vaginal walls. It can sometimes get itchy and may also happen during sex so you should look out if the symptoms spread to this area. It is very uncomfortable and irritating and treatment should be sought immediately.

Prostate cancer, where cancerous cells grow on the prostate gland. However, the pain does not start till after the cancer has spread to other organs in the surrounding area. It may sometimes be accompanied by blood in the urine and it will require immediate treatment.

Prostatitis, where the prostate gland swells leading to a blockage in the urethra and disturbing the flow of urine. The person feels the constant need to ease themselves due to the constrained feeling. It is a problem suffered by men and it is known to be a cause of pain after the person urinates.

It is best to seek professional medical help for pain after urinations, and avoid self medicating. If you misdiagnose yourself, you will be wasting time and money treating what you do not have, while what you are actually suffering from is getting worse. This pain like all other pain should only be medicated after a professional opinion has been sought.

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  1. dnt knw,ystrday was d first tym i felt it.thought it was just a pain n stil felt it again today..dont knw wat to do

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