Pain Management Techniques

Having established the purpose of your pain, you can not go on living in this uncomfortable situation and that is why we are going to give you some pain management techniques. Sure, you could simply take the medications, but for those with chronic pain, they may not help much and you may also become addicted to the pain relieving medications.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of non-medicinal pain management techniques that can help ease your pain and make your life more tolerable.

  • Exercise: This is a good way to reduce your pain as exercise releases the body’s natural feel good hormones such as endorphins. These are known to greatly reduce pain and can make you feel better much longer without the risk of side effects. You can start out small with walking, then jogging, then some skipping and maybe cycling. Anything that increases blood flow in your system is good.
  • Relaxation: Being fully relaxed can get rid of tension and in the process rid you of some huge amounts of pain. This works especially for people experiencing headaches of any kind as they are usually associated with certain stress factors and the faster you get rid of them, the better it is for you. A quite room with low lighting, sit back and relax and empty your mind of all troubles, you will be surprised the kind of pain some alone time can get rid of.
  • For those with muscle pain, a massage is a good way to get rid of your pain. A good massage therapist will know exactly what points to work on to get rid of whatever pain you are feeling and so if your pain medication is not relieving you much, this is one technique you can combine it with to get better results.
  • Hydrotherapy: Here the person is encouraged to exercise and spend some amount of time in warm water to help ease stiffness and cramps in the muscles. This is especially good for those with arthritis as it will help ease the tension which causes most of the pain.
  • Cutaneous stimulation: This involves the hot and cold therapy, where the skin is either heated or cooled in an effort to reduce the pain. This is good for burning pains that make one feel like as if that particular body part is on fire.

In conclusion, the gist of pain management techniques is that they are based on easing stress and tension and so making the pain less. If you experience pain in any body part, the first thing you want to do is eliminate all stress factors and take some rest. Even if you are taking medication, for it to work effectively, you need to be willing to allow the body some peace so it can process the medication and send it where it is needed.

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