Dream Destination Tuscany

Love to drink a world class wine while enjoying amateur theatre on the streets of Monte Carlo? Or love the Renaissance art and architectural masterpieces? Or do you love eating an Italian pizza? Tuscany should be your dream destination. From the Etruscans and Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany contains some of the best art works in the world.

Travellers visit Tuscany for many reasons. It maybe to explore the beautiful countryside, in search of fine art or to taste the fine wine and cuisine. Students come here to learn the beautiful Italian language and culture, hikers come here to enjoy the mountain paths, bikers enjoy the rolling hills, and others come here to enjoy their vacation on the beautiful beaches.

There are so many beautiful places in Tuscany you can visit, you will be spoilt for choice. Some of the following are places you wouldn’t want to miss while you are in Tuscany.

  1. FlorenceFlorence

    You are in Tuscany and you don’t know where to start? What else could be a better place than Florence? This is the home to the birth of Renaissance and has so much history under its belt. This is the city which was founded by the great Julius Caesar. This is a place famous for many monuments such as the Piazza del Duomo, Museo and Galleria Dell’Accademia. This is also the place which gave birth to people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo Boccaccio.

  2. Monte CarloMonte Carlo

    What is the use of going to Tuscany if you haven’t seen Monte Carlo? This medieval town is situated at the base of an ancient fortress near the gated town of Lucca. With some pathways too narrow for cars, it is a town best navigated on foot. Monte Carlo is well known for its olive oils, white wines, its friendly locals and its amateur theatre where they recreate scenes from middle ages. The panoramic view of Monte Carlo is unexplainable. The fortress in this city played strategic roles in wars between Pisa, Florence and Lucca.

  3. LuccaLucca

    A small distance away from Monte Carlo is the beautiful town of Lucca on the river plains of River Serchio. This town is popular for its stunningly beautiful beaches and hills. As you enter the town, it presents you with beautiful cobbled streets, church squares, chic tea rooms, amphitheatre ruins and boutiques with flashy and expensive apparels. The town is however most popular for its Renaissance-era walls.

  4. PisaPisa

    Where else would you find the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Pisa is also home to some castles, monasteries and churches. It is also a place which represents the Renaissance style of architecture, sculpture and paintings. The environmental and natural heritage is very attractive. Some of the places you can visit here are the Pisano Mountain, the Coastline at Marina di Vecchiano and the thermal baths.

Tuscany has more beautiful places such as Arezzo, Cortona, Siena and San Gimignanao. The best time to travel to Tuscany is mid-April to end-September. In order to reach Tuscany and book the best hotels and restaurants, you can check some of the top websites such as tripadvisor.

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