Causes of A Painful Breast Lump

It may seem a little obvious that all breast lumps are breast cancer, but that is not necessarily true as most lumps end up being just lumps and not cancerous at all. In an attempt to improve our perception of breast lumps, we are doing an article on painful breast lumps.

Given the fact that they are painful, these are at least one of the kinds of lumps you will notice almost immediately. Do not panic or freak out, there could be any number of possible causes and here are a few detailed down for you.

  • If the painful lump is associated closely with your period, then it is probably a breast cyst. These are small lumps filled with liquid and are known to change their sizes. They are most painful just before your period starts and generally cease after the period. They will seem to appear or disappear with changes in hormone levels in your menstrual cycle
  • Fibroadenomas, which are also known as benign breast lumps, are generally painless. But there are women who have reported feeling some pain. They resemble the cancerous lumps but do not turn into breast cancer themselves.
  • A breast infection can also cause a considerable amount of pain. Infections are common to breast feeding mothers as the breast tissue is infected and becomes inflamed. In combination with the pain, there may be some shivering and feeling of general unwellness. You should also remember though that some forms of breast cancer display these same symptoms such as the inflammatory breast cancer.
  • A breast injury can also cause a painful lump. Bruising to the breast tissue or the walls of the chest will cause pain in the breast, and so you should avoid injuring your breasts or hitting them against any hard objects.
  • And finally, it could be breast cancer. Though lumps that will eventually turn into breast cancer are generally painless, some may cause pain and so it can not be completely ruled out.

As with any other pain, a painful breast lump should be seen by a doctor. You are not to diagnose yourself or self medicate, because if this is cancer it will eat up your entire chest and kill you. While most lumps are not cancerous, the only sure way is by having a doctor look at it and not deciding what is wrong with you yourself. So if you have a painful lump or any lump of any kind, book an appointment with a specialist right away.

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