Eating Lots of Fiber Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer

New medical evidence reveals that women who consume lots of fiber have lower chances of getting breast cancer. Chinese researchers discovered that women who ate plenty of fiber reduced their risk of getting breast cancer by 11%.

Though fiber itself may not lower cancer risk, women who consume it could be healthier than non-consumers. The Chinese researchers say a high-fiber diet lowers estrogen levels. High levels of estrogen increases the risk of breast tumors.

The Chinese research at Suzhou’s Soochow University was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Breast cancer affects one in eight women in the US. About 25% of breast cancer patients die because of the disease.

A high-fiber diet can lead to weight loss and also lower cholesterol. Whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber.

Health experts says most Americans do not take in even half the required amount of fiber every day. They aver that awareness about adequate fiber intake should be increased to benefit the public.

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