Causes of Pain in Heel

Pain in the heel can make it almost impossible to get around and may leave you immobilized if it gets really bad. The heel carries most of our body weight around and when it is no longer functioning at optimum level then you may have a problem getting about.

There are some symptoms that will make you aware that the pain you feel is in your heel rather than your whole foot and these are:

    1. Pain occurs even when you are resting, especially at night.
    2. Swollen, tender or discolored back of the foot.
    3. One is unable to walk properly or unable to walk at all.
    4. Pain at the back of the foot that lasts longer than a few days.

    Having seen what constitutes as pain in heel, now it is time to find out what causes it and how we can avoid getting the pain.

    How it happens

    • Sudden turning of foot either inward or out ward.
    • Wearing shoes that can not support your foot properly, leaving it exposed.
    • Awkward and hard landing on your foot.
    • Running often or on hard surfaces.
    • Tightening or contracting of the calf muscles

    What is really wrong?

    • Though uncommon, stress fractures of the calcaneus occurring mostly in runners are likely to cause heel pain.
    • Plantar fasciitis is the commonest known cause of heel pain. It manifests through the inflammation and irritation of the tight tissue forming the arch of the foot.
    • Bone spurs forming in the heel as a result of continued heel pain related to plantar fasciitis.
    • Tarsal tunnel syndrome which happens when a nerve in the foot becomes trapped. It is located in the back of the foot and so causes the heel to hurt.
    • Achilles tendinitis which is the inflammation of the tendon connecting your calf muscle to your heel and so causing the heel to become painful.

    The pain in the heel should not be self diagnosed and you should see a doctor to make certain of what is wrong with your foot, just if to know that it is nothing serious. Also, unless you know the cause of your pain, do not medicate yourself, and if you do, strictly stick to the medications or remedies prescribed by your doctor.

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