Millions of Drug Abusers Have Hepatitis, Reveals Study

A recent report reveals that about 10 million drug addicts who use injected illegal drugs have Hepatitis C. Another 1.2 million harbor the Hepatitis B virus.

The researchers say both diseases are deadly and urge health officials to make concerted efforts to stop transmission and provide quality care to the patients. They compare the economic and health costs of treating hepatitis C (HCV) to the HIV epidemic.

This study was published in The Lancet, a British journal. It reveals that 66% of the global injected drug addicts are infected with HVC. Out of these, about 80% may develop debilitating infections and about 11% may suffer cirrhosis, that can cause cancer and liver failure. There is no vaccine to prevent HCV as of now.

Countries most affected by the HCV epidemic among drug users are Mexico, Thailand, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal and Italy.

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