Body Ache Remedies

The body can begin to ache from any number of reasons from stress to over exertion and if you are going to live in relative peace it is best to find some body ache remedies, otherwise your body may give way right under you.

Here are some body ache remedies that should help you get rid of the disturbing pain.

  • First you need to identify what is causing the pain and then dealing with it. If your body ache is caused by an underlying problem, getting rid of that issue is bound to kill the ache as well.
  • Exercise, since you are in pain, it is best you engage in mild exercise such as waking or anything that gets the blood moving. This will trigger the release the body’s natural pain killers “endorphins” and get rid of your aches.
  • Moist heat such as saunas or a hot bath are also good for easing body aches. Body aches resulting from extreme tiredness or illness are best dealt with this way.
  • A massage that forces your muscles to relax, especially if your pain is caused by exhausted muscles is a good idea. Next time you feel an overall body ache, simply book your self a massage and spend some time relaxing. Stress is not good for your body as it builds tension in the muscles.
  • Get some comfortable sleep. By this, we mean that the way you sleep, the conditions and how long can all determine how your body will feel when you are awake. An uncomfortable mattress will cause you untold pain, while sleeping on one side of the body will cause it to hurt during the day. If you always wake up feeling tired and have a body ache, the nature of your sleep is most likely the problem.
  • And finally if all fail, see a physician and have him prescribe some pain relieving medications but this should only be done as a last resort and not as your first choice. It is best to delay medicating as long as possible, since pain medications can quickly become addictive.

As with all pain, even for body ache, before you administer any body ache remedies, it is best to find out the cause of the pain. Treating pain without knowing what is causing it is likely to get you into trouble as pain is rarely the disease itself but rather a symptom of a disease. Implying that if the disease is not treated, the pain will be back. So for any extremely painful body ache, please go see a doctor.

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