Painful Periods – Causes and Possible Treatments

Painful periods are a problem that affects most women of the world and at least each woman has experienced them at one point or another. For some, it is so bad that all other things cease to exist while for others it is a mild pain that they can live with easily.

There are two major causes of painful periods and these are:

  1. Primary dysmenorrhea, which is what most women get. It is not related to any reproductive health disease of disorder but is said to occur as a result of increase in the activity of the prostaglandin hormone manufactured in the uterus.
  2. Secondary dysmenorrhea, which is related to problems with the female reproductive system. The problems are numerous and can range from fibroids, ovarian cysts, an STI, to a freshly put IUD.

To determine in which category your pain falls, you need to see a doctor to ensure that a proper diagnosis is reached and a proper course of action is taken. For the Secondary dysmenorrhea, the doctor will give you the appropriate medication to take care of the underlying cause of your pain, whatever it is. Then for those suffering from the Primary dysmenorrhea, here are some remedies you can try to get you though.

  • Some people start taking their pain killers as soon as the period starts and continue to take them through out the entire period. If this works, well and good, but if your pain is not responding to the pain killers then there are other means to ease some of your pain and at least make it bearable.
  • Mild exercise such as walking, dancing or simple house work is a good remedy. The exercise is likely to release the body’s natural pain killers, the endorphins, and so make you feel a bit better or even a whole lot.
  • Relaxation and distraction, that will keep your mind focused on other things and away from the pain. Anything that you can do to distract yourself is worth giving a try. For example, if you are stuck at home by yourself, you can watch one of your favorite movies and keep your mind away from the pain.
  • I have personally never tried this before, but there are those who claim that it works, take a glass or two of wine or alcohol of some sort. It is known that alcohol helps thin blood, but as for its relation to easing menstrual pain, there has been no clear proof apart from hearsay.
  • Employ the use of your hot water bottle or some other warm material you can get your hands on. Place the bottle just below your abdomen or back, depending on where the pain is most intense. This is known to help a lot and a good number of women use it every month to help ease menstrual cramps.
  • Find the most comfortable position and lie in it. By comfortable, we mean the position in which you feel the least amount of pain. For example, laying on a cold floor on your belly or curling into a ball with your legs tucked away into your chest can help ease pain.
  • As with all things concerning the body, eat healthy. When your period is coming up, stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables but stay away from fibre as it will increase your flow and pain.

The most important thing all females should remember is that with menstruation a certain amount of pain or discomfort is expected. However, extremely painful periods are not normal and if you all of a sudden have one that is more painful than ever before, it is best to have it checked out by a doctor. Just make sure that you know what is causing you pain and then you can effectively deal with it.

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