One-third of World Population Infected with Hepatitis, says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the startling news that about 33% of the world population, or two billion people, harbor a hepatitis virus. Hepatitis is a killer disease which takes a toll of about a million lives every year.

Most people who harbor the hepatitis virus are not aware about it. They could transmit the virus to others and also the face the risk of death or disablement, if the virus becomes potent inside them.

The WHO says even health experts are not aware about the dangers of this chronic disease. Hepatitis is spread by contaminated food and water, and body fluids like semen, blood etc.

Hepatitis can spark epidemics and cause cancer and liver cirrhosis. There are five main hepatitis viruses, of which B virus is the most dangerous. It can be transmitted to babies at birth and also through tainted injections and while using injected drugs.

The E virus is also deadly, especially in third-world countries, where it is spread by contaminated food or water causing outbreaks. Effective vaccines are available to prevent the A and B types of virus.

Vaccination programs around the world have met with great success covering 180 countries. The WHO urges more testing to detect hepatitis infections and give the patients quality treatment without delaying.

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