Texas Papayas Investigated for Salmonella Outbreak

US health officials have advised people to refrain from consuming papayas distributed by Agromod Produce of Texas. The papayas may be linked to a current salmonella outbreak which has affected 23 states, causing 97 cases of illness and 10 hospitalizations.

The most affected states are Illinois and Texas, and children below five and women have been impacted the most. Agromod is recalling its papayas, procured from Mexico. FDA officials are investigating how these fruits became contaminated.

Agromod’s papayas have been distributed in Canada and the US. Officials have zoomed in on its Tastylicious, Mananita, Yaya and Blondie brands of papayas.

Salmonella infections can cause abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea. Last year, such outbreaks resulted in 29 deaths and about 2,300 hospitalizations. One outbreak caused the recall of about 500 million eggs.

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