Pain After Root Canal Treatment

In this treatment, tissue inside the tooth is removed, including the nerves, but then you get home and start to experience pain. Well, pain after root canal treatment is not coming from the tooth itself but rather the tissue surrounding the tooth.

The root canal treatment itself is no more painful than the discomfort you get when your tooth is being filled. However, pain after the root canal treatment can have a few varied causes and they are mentioned below:

  • Beginning with the rarest, failure of the treatment. Continued intense pain upward of one to two weeks is a sure sign that the treatment did not work and you should schedule another appointment to repeat the procedure.
  • Abscess being pushed far beyond the tooth root and into the bone causing an infection to develop there. This is the commonest cause of pain after the treatment. In other cases, there may be some abscess still inside the tooth and so causing pain.
  • If the nearby tissue is irritated or inflamed, it could also be causing you pain, but not to worry within a few days that pain should be resolved.
  • The periodontal ligament at the bottom of the root tip can be irritated either by the file used during the treatment or any left over fluids used in the treatment. When irritated, it may be a cause of pain for sometime but it should clear in a few days.
  • Hyper occlusion, where the infected tooth is over extended and is grinding hard on other teeth making it even more sensitive to pain. For this, you should see your dentist and this can be easily corrected making the teeth have less contact
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Pain after root canal treatment usually lasts two to three days after the procedure is done and with antibiotics and anti- inflammatory medication it should clear. To ensure that this pain does not bother you, be sure to follow the dentist’s orders strictly, eat soft food, chew on the uninfected side, stay away from really hot and cold food, and you can use warm salt water to rinse your mouth as this is known to help.

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