Obesity among US Kids Started in Late 1990s

A new study reveals that the present obesity epidemic among American kids began in the late 1990s. Young adults started getting affected after the year 2000. This study was led by Hedwig Lee, who is currently an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Lee says the obesity epidemic has been caused by factors such as increased time spent before TVs and computers, poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity can cause ailments such as fertility problems, osteoarthritis, gall bladder disease, liver disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes and heart disease, among others.

The CDC reveals that about 33% of Americans are obese or overweight. Lee’s study tracked the BMIs of people aged between 12 to 26 during the years 1959 to 2002. Her findings were recently published in the online edition of the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Health experts say weight gain, which once used to affect middle-aged people, is now impacting young adults. As a result, young Americans face increased risks of chronic conditions like high blood pressure in their 20s.

In particular, black women were found to be heavier compared to women of other races. This was attributed to poor access to quality health care.

Health experts say the battle against obesity has to start in childhood. Schools need to ensure they provide nutritious food and drinks to their students. Adults need to ensure they remain active in their workplaces as they spend a lot of time there. In short, experts say eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly are required to keep the obesity epidemic at bay.

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