Breast-feeding for More than six Months Prevents Asthma in Kids

A recent research study reveals that exclusively breast-feeding babies for at least six months makes them more immune to asthma. This study analyzed the effects of long-term breast-feeding on babies.

The research found that short-term or non-exclusive breast-feeding is not that effective, making the baby more vulnerable to asthma in childhood. Dutch researchers studied the effects of breast-feeding on greater than 5,000 babies. The infants were checked annually till age 4 to detect symptoms of asthma.

The findings have published online by the European Respiratory Journal. Babies that have not been ever breast-fed face higher risks of persistent phlegm, dry cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. These risks were present also for kids who were given other types of milk and foods, and not just breast milk alone in their first first four months.

The researchers say more research is required to study the effectiveness of breast-milk in preventing asthma in the long-term after childhood.

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