The Relationship between Music and Pain

Music is said to be the food of the soul and if so it should be able to relieve it of any ailments it may have. Even before the actual scientific effects of music were examined, it was obvious that music and pain were related, if not directly at least indirectly through our minds.

The Research
Music and pain have been largely researched to find out the actual health benefits of music on pain, so as to be able to make it more effective. The leading researcher on this subject, Professor Marion Good, who noticed early on in her nursing career that the pain patients went to sleep much faster when music was playing. In this, she has been backed by the Cochrane Review of Evidence-Based Healthcare which has made some interesting discoveries.

Physical pain
It was discovered that for patients suffering from chronic pain, listening to music reduced it by 21% and on a scale of 1-10, their pain dropped by 5. This was found to be the average, implying that for some, the effect may be higher and for others it may be lower. While music can not replace pain killers, it helps them do their job much faster and better. The person is more relaxed and less worried about the pain, giving the body a chance to absorb the pain killers much faster.

Emotional pain
For emotional pain, music is the perfect remedy. Those patients suffering from chronic pain, were said to be less depressed after the music therapy than their counter-parts who had no music. In ordinary life, it is quite clear to us that when you are feeling particularly low, listening to some of your favorite music can lift your spirits and make you that much happier. For those who are not willing to rush to medication when going through some emotional dilemma, this is one natural therapy you can try.

The relationship between music and pain is a beautiful one; it allows us to relieve our pain without necessarily pumping our bodies with as much poisonous pain killers. In addition to this, unlike some pain medications, music has no side effects. So one can safely give it a try in the comfort of their own home, not worrying about prescription or anything going wrong.

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