Stressed Parents make their Kids more Vulnerable to Pollution

Stressed parents can make their children more susceptible to lung damage caused by traffic pollution, reveals a new study. The researchers monitored about 1,400 kids in southern California.

The researchers took samples of air pollutants like nitrogen oxides from about 1,000 sites in the area. Nitrogen oxides can affect lung tissue and worsen asthma symptoms. This research study was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The kids’ parents had answered questions about their stress levels about six years ago. The study found that children living in high-stress households got affected more by lung problems, when they faced air pollution due to traffic.

Increased level of air pollution had no effect on kids whose parents were not under stress. The researchers were surprised by this finding.

A previous study had found that air pollution and stressed atmosphere at home increased children’s risk of developing asthma by 51%. The researchers opine both pollutants and stress can cause tissue damage and inflammation.

Health experts say social environment at home plays a critical role in a child’s health.

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