Chinese Medicine can Treat Parkinson’s, Reveals Study

Researchers in Hong Kong have found that traditional Chinese medicine can alleviate certain Parkinson’s disease symptoms and also lessen the side effects of treatment drugs. The research was done at Hong Kong Baptist University and the scientists found that Gouteng, a Chinese herb, improved patients’ communication, and alleviated sleeping problems and depression.

Parkinson’s disease usually impacts people above 50 and causes symptoms like loss of balance, stiffness and body trembling. A drug named levodopa is used to treat this disease, but it can cause side effects like hallucinations and nausea.

The Hong Kong study found that Gouteng worked great in combination with levodopa. Patients experienced less side effects and improved their communication abilities remarkably.

The researchers are positive their findings will boost the image of Chinese medicine internationally. They have applied for a patent in the US. The scientists hope Gouteng will be used to treat Parkinson’s after another study, expected to be conducted in 2013.

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