Ohio Suffers Most from Toxic Air

Two US environmental groups have revealed that Ohio suffers the most from toxic emissions. It is followed by Pennsylvania and Florida as the next two states most affected by polluted air.

Chemical processing and electricity generation together emit dangerous chemicals into the air which can cause and worsen conditions like cancer and asthma. These startling findings were revealed in a report by the groups Physicians for Social Responsibility and Natural Resources Defense Council.

Other states affected by air pollution include North Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and Kentucky. Experts say the worst air polluters are power plants which dump deadly poisons into the atmosphere, endangering families and children.

Oil and coal-fired plants are responsible for about 50% of air pollution in the US. Health experts urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take steps to stop the emissions.

But, financial considerations are forcing legislators to go against the EPA’s efforts to limit toxic emissions from power and cement plants.

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