Relaxation Drinks Becoming Popular in the US

Relaxation Drinks

We all know that energy drinks have been popular for the past 10 years or so. Now, a new category of beverages called relaxation drinks are also becoming popular in the US. These drinks sell under brand names like Just Chill, Dream Water and Vacation in a Bottle. Industry experts say they have great potential for growth in the future.

What are Relaxation Drinks?
These drinks lower cortisone levels and relieve muscle tension. Cortisone is the most important stress hormone. These drinks originated in Japan and contain melatonin which is a hormone known to cause drowsiness. But, they do not contain any alcohol. Best-selling relaxation drink brands include Jones GABA, Purple Stuff and Drank. These names contrast with energy drink brands which sell under brands like Venom Energy, Monster and Red Bull.

Sales of Relaxation Drinks
In 2010, 22.4 million cases or 36 million gallons of these drinks were sold, which is double the sales in 2008. It is expected that sales will cross 79 million gallons by 2014. But, these figures are far below those of energy drinks which sold 357 million gallons in 2009. Carbonated sodas are by far the most popular drinks in the US with sales of 9.36 billion cases in 2010.

Space for Niche Drinks
Americans are becoming more health conscious and opting for healthier drinks like water and juices. Many drinks claim to improve metabolism, boost energy and provide relaxation. This trend is expected to boost the sales of niche beverages like relaxation drinks, even as sales of sodas are expected to fall.

Ingredients of Relaxation Drinks
These drinks mainly contain besides melatonin, an amino acid called L-theanine present in green teas, GABA – a chemical claiming to soothe the mind, chamomile – which also promotes relaxation and B vitamins.

Impact of Relaxation Drinks
Some consumers say relaxation drinks are a healthier alternative to illegal drugs as they have the same relaxing effect. Other stressed-out people say these drinks help them get sleep. But, research reports reveal relaxation drinks have ingredient levels which are too low to be really effective. Industry experts say to ensure long-term success these drinks should really deliver what they promise. Otherwise, consumers would get tired of the newest fad and move onto other things.

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