Pain Behind the Ear

Pain behind the ear can be caused by a number of things, but it usually expresses itself as a sharp, shooting, itchy, dull or fiery pain at the back of the ear. It rarely has anything to do with the ear but rather problems in other areas that will manifest their pain in this area.

Causes of pain behind the ear

  • In young children, the development of teeth may manifest itself as pain in this region, but it is nothing to worry about and it will cease once the process is over. The parents need not panic over it unless the child is too uncomfortable to do anything else.
  • The neck and tongue syndrome is seen as pain in the region behind the ear as the nerve to the brain from this region is located behind the ear. It is accompanied by discomfort to the tongue as well.
  • The pain may also come as a result of yawning and sufferers should not be alarmed if this pain erupts immediately after yawning. It is normal and is no need for concern.
  • Cold stimulus head ache usually develops in people who have a migraine history. Normal pain medication should be able to take care of this.
  • Cervicogenic headache, which is at its worst immediately after waking up from sleep. It can spread to the rest of the head and the back of the neck, but it usually stays just behind the ear. Physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication have been used to help ease this pain.
  • For those with neurological damage, especially to the neck and spinal cord, pain in this area is common. These areas should be checked out to ensure that nothing is wrong with them, but given the fact that nerves in this area are connected to so many body parts, the pain could also be resulting from anywhere in the body.

Pain behind the ear can be serious or just a simple headache, but in any event, it should be checked out and diagnosed by a professional. You do not want to mess this up because if it is nerve damage it needs to be addressed immediately, lest you lose a vital part of your senses in a particular body part.

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