Alzheimer’s can be Detected 20 Years before Onset

A new study reveals that inherited types of Alzheimer’s disease can be detected 20 years before impaired thinking and loss of memory affect the patients. These findings apply to a rare type of Alzheimer’s which affects people when they are comparatively young.

But, detecting early chemical changes in the brain can help even those with common types of Alzheimer’s, say the researchers. It is imperative to detect and treat Alzheimer’s before the disease damages brain cells.

Alzheimer’s is mostly caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. About 35 million patients worldwide are affected by this disease. This figure could triple by 2050 as populations continue to age.

The researchers say more needs to be learnt about how Alzheimer’s patients develop the disease. They opine that early detection and effective treatment are essential to curb this growing epidemic.

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