Pain Around the Navel – Causes and Treatments

Pain in the stomach area can be a huge problem as it is in the centre of the body, and pain around the navel can be particularly disturbing as any one who has had it before can testify. You will find yourself bending over trying to squeeze back the pain but to no avail and will simply end up concocting your body into untold shapes.

Pain Around the Navel:

Here are some ideas that may help explain pain around the navel and allow you to know whether you should go for further help or it is nothing to worry about that will improve on its own. However, for any unexplained pain, it is best to consult with a physician to ensure that all is well, and we advise against self medicating as well as you may misdiagnose yourself and be taking the wrong medication.

  • During pregnancy, you may experience pain in this area because the abdominal wall near the navel is thin and with the pressure from the fetus, the area around the navel may begin to hurt. It is however no cause for worry as the pain will disappear after the birth and no medication is required for it. It is quite common and most mothers experience it at some point during the pregnancy.
  • Ovarian cysts that are pretty much painless till they burst, then the woman will feel pain in the navel area. For this, it is best to get prescribed treatment by a certified gynecologist.
  • A hernia is another reason that one may experience this pain. The person’s abdominal walls are too weak to hold their intestines and so the push against weaker areas of the wall causing pain in these areas, the navel being the weakest of them all always gives first.
  • Ulcers which are open wounds on the intestinal walls usually express themselves as a sharp pain in the navel area. If no course of treatment is followed, they will cause bleeding and in turn induce even more pain in this area, so treatment is a must for this.
  • Then there are the urinary tract infections where the pain is most severe when the patient is urinating. It is accompanied by discharge that is abnormal and should be treated as soon as possible. Left untreated, it can lead to a multitude of reproductive health problems.
  • And finally, the commonest of the causes, appendicitis which will manifest itself as a sharp severe pain where the victim will not be able to do anything due to the extremity of the pain. Combined with nausea and loss of appetite plus a fever, it can be very terrible and it should be operated on as soon as possible, as delays may lead to the death of the person.

When dealing with pain in the navel, just like any other pain, the person should be aware of diagnosing themselves and should always see a doctor for a proper examination. Even if your pain has been identified before, if it is more than normal you should see the doctor just to make sure that it is not something else. Pain is the body’s way of informing us that our lives are in danger and you should not ignore its warning.

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