Obesity Affects Boomers More than Others

Boomers say their biggest fears are memory loss and cancer. They should realize that they are more vulnerable to diabetes and heart disease.

A new survey reveals that boomers are heavier compared to others. This is not welcome as it can mean difficult senior years.

Only 25% of boomers get the
recommended two and half hours of exercise every week. 37% do not do strength training which is important to prevent aging-related muscle loss. But, many boomers admit to walking regularly which is a welcome development.

The poll found that about 33% of boomers are obese and an added 36% are overweight. Only 50% of the obese boomers admitted to doing regular exercise.

About 77 million boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are about to turn 65. Obesity among them will hike the cost of medical care as it can cause arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

A recent study found that Medicare pays about 34% more for an obese senior compared to one with normal weight. Boomers need to realize that dieting alone is not enough. It should be backed up with adequate exercise to prevent obesity and its related problems.

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