Common Painkillers Best for Dementia, Reveals Study

Common painkillers like paracetamol are more effective for dementia than risky antipsychotic medications, reveals a new study. People with dementia showed much less agitation after taking ordinary painkillers, compared to those who were given standard drugs during the study published by the British Medical Journal.

Advanced dementia is characterized by agitation and extreme aggression. Pain also affects dementia patients, who are often unable to express their discomfort.

Dementia patients are normally prescribed antidepressants and powerful antipsychotics. But, these drugs can turn out to be dangerous. In Britain, where there are around 180,000 dementia victims, more than 1,600 strokes and 1,800 deaths are reported among them every year.

Worldwide, about 35 million people have dementia. This number is expected to triple by the year 2050 because of the aging global population.

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