Deadly Horse Virus Affects Australia

A deadly virus that affects horses has taken a toll of ten horses in the past month in Australia. The virus is called Hendra and it can be deadly if humans contract it.

About 59 people have so far been exposed to this virus. Hendra virus has so far affected seven humans in history and killed four of them.

Health experts are worried because the outbreak is on a large scale with a significant increase in suspected samples that require testing for the virus. Hendra virus is spread by fruit bats which are also called flying foxes.

Horses get infected when they eat food or water contaminated by the bats’ droppings or urine. Horse owners and vets are becoming more aware of Hendra virus and immediately call for more help if a horse falls sick.

Greater than 100 race courses across Australia are being checked for Hendra infections. Horse trainers are advised to take all precautions to avoid infection risks. Officials say racehorses are less at risk because they are fed and kept indoors.

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