The Types of Hate

As we earlier established, hate is painful both to the hater and the hated. It consumes the hater, making him unable to focus on anything else while at the same time what the hater does to get back at the hated leaves the person with wounds that may never heal. Today, we attempt to break down the types of hate and determine which causes the most painful damage and we should be wary of.

The types of hate are numerous but they can be devastating to both parties but they can be classified into major categories and these are:

  • Hate of the disabled: this can get so bad that some people even hate their own children, especially those who were born disabled. There are people who can not stand to be in the same room as a disabled person and some will even go as far as to commit crimes against them. It just goes to show that hate is another of the illogical emotions that humans should steer clear of. How can you hate someone who had no choice in the matter that is the reason you hate them?
  • Homophobic or hate based on sexual orientation: There are those in today’s society that think that being gay is a crime against all things natural and those who are should be eliminated before they contaminate the future generations. This kind of extremist attitude leads them to commit heinous crimes against what they believe to be an abomination that should be extinguished. It may also surprise you that a number of the haters are supposed to be upstanding members of society that uphold the sacred values of the human race such as religious leaders.
  • Hatred based on religion and politics: This may very well be the most devastating kind of hate. From killing of innocent by-standers to suicide missions, under the guise of God and political freedom, so many have met an unfair and undeserved premature death. Somehow, people convince themselves that they are right and anyone who is not of their political affiliation or religion is wrong and has to be exterminated. Some political leaders have even gone ahead to say that freedom is bought by dead bodies. Obviously, tolerance is a class they missed in political science.
  • Racism: Being the most complex of hate kinds, it is difficult to understand. From white supremacists to ethnicities that think that they are next to line with God, genocides and wars have been waged around the world as entire cultures are wiped out simply because they have different facial features and their skin is different. In some cases, it has not even been a different ethnicity but simply a different tribe and because the language sounded different they were eliminated. Interestingly, scientists have claimed that the human mind is not likely to judge others based on color but rather some other factors such as age, or gender.

One thing we can learn from these kinds of hate is that hate is a futile emotion which serves no discernible purpose to the human race apart from tearing us painful apart. If there is anything you hate in your life, try and evaluate whether the energy you are expending can not be used productively elsewhere to better your life and society as a whole. All humans desire world peace and are hard wired to want to harm others, so why are you causing undue pain? Hate is usually a bi- product of greed, fear and envy emotions few will ever acknowledge having and too much of it accumulates into hatred.

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