Binge Drinking Affects Teen Girls’ Brains, Reveals Study

Binge drinking affects teenage girls much more than boys, reveals a new study. The study was conducted by researchers from Stanford University and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

Binge drinking for girls is defined as guzzling at least four drinks in a row. Binge drinking girls’ brain regions showed much less activity compared to teetotal teenagers, the study found.

The researchers say binge drinking affects memory and attention. They found that girls’ brains were more adversely affected by binge guzzling compared to boys. They speculate this could be because girls’ brains are known to develop a year or two earlier compared to boys.

Other reasons could be lesser body weight, more body fat, slower metabolic rates in girls and hormonal differences. The study analyzed 95 teens including 40 who had indulged in binge drinking.

Even though the binge-drunk teens had done so weeks earlier, the harmful effects lingered on long after the alcohol buzz was gone. This shows alcohol’s ill-effects on the brain and cognitive functions endure for much longer after recovery from the booze hang-over.

The study survey also reports that 30% of American teens studying in their high school final year confessed to having indulged in binge drinking during the past month.

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