The Most Painful Way to Die

Death on its own is a painful occurrence, especially for those left behind to feel the loss. However, some ways of dying are painful even to the person who is dying. Today, we examine the most painful way to die and encourage you to steer clear of situations that will result into such a death except for those that you have no control over.

  • For those who have seen someone with cancer, especially the terminal kind, you know that this is one of the most painful ways to die. Not only is the patient in excruciating pain most of the time, it is also taxing for the care givers, especially the immediate family. Apart from watching their relative in pain and having to remain strong, the cancer treatments are also usually extremely expensive. Terminal cancer tends to suck the life right out of you at a very slow and painful rate.
  • While it does not occur any more, as punishment for crimes committed, people were buried alive right upto the 1800. The thing about being buried alive is the panic that no one can save you and you take time before you finally die due to the availability of oxygen in the ground. In fact ancient Egyptians used to put bugs into the coffin along with the person being buried alive so the bugs would eat you to death.
  • Speaking of bugs, another painful way to die is being stung or bitten to death by a large collection of insects be it a swarm of bees, wasps or fire ants. Just being stung by anyone of them can cause you to lose sleep. Now imagine thousands of them descending upon you and the more you try to fight them off, the harder they bite to stay. By the time you fall dead, you have gone through unbelievable amount of pain.
  • Despite what you may know about the crucifixion, it actually takes up to 3 days before the person finally dies. Now imagine that, the person does not die from being crucified but rather they slowly are asphyxiated more like drowning without the water.
  • Being thrown in a tub of acid, this is a combination of being burnt alive while at the same time drowning. Acid will melt away your skin, then your muscles. While at the same time, since it is liquid, it is seeping into your insides and so melting you from the inside as well.
  • Drawn and quartered, where the person’s limbs are each tied to a piece of rope and then the pieces are slowly pulled apart. This is like slowly tearing the person apart, and since the person’s limbs are not completely attached to the body they would be torn off at the joints leaving the person to slowly bleed to death.
  • Another horrible way to die is being skinned alive, leaving all your muscles and nerve endings exposed to the elements. You do not know how much your skin protects you until any of your nerves are exposed. You know when you scrape your knees and your whole leg hurts; now imagine all your skin gone and wind blowing on all those exposed nerve endings.

The thing about the most painful way to die is the knowledge that you are dying and yet it won’t happen fast enough. It is slow and your brain has time to think and decide to go into panic causing you even more pain than what you may actually be feeling. The actual act of dying may not be painful but the waiting that leads up to it can turn your last minutes of life hell.

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