The Relationship Between Beauty and Pain

We talk about beauty not in its ordinary form but rather in its grand meaning where it encompasses all that is good and joyous. It has been said that beauty is pain and today we try to decipher the link between beauty and pain. We try to discover if it is really necessary to experience pain so and to know what beauty is.

You may have often heard that ‘beauty knows no pain’ or that ‘smartness knows no weather’ both of which imply that beauty and pain are intrinsically connected. These common sayings mean to say that for joy one must know pain with a fear that without pain one can have no appreciation for what is really beautiful.

Physical Beauty and Pain
Especially with physical beauty, we find that most of the things done to achieve it are painful such as plucking eyebrows, waxing, etc. and yet millions of women keep going back and doing these things so as to present the perfect exterior. As they say, do not envy those with symmetrical bodies, for you have no idea how many hours of exercise and avoiding of food they had to do to get into that shape. If you did even half that work then maybe you would look good too.

Inner Beauty and Pain
On the other hand, inner beauty seems to require no pain whatsoever. In fact, it is known to improve on one’s already existing beauty adding onto what one already has. Unfortunately, few people have an appreciation for their beautiful minds; they seem to think that a fully functioning mind is never to be questioned. This is not the same for those who have suffered depression or some emotional loss; if ever they get back from this they greatly appreciate the beauty of a clear mind and work hard to keep it that way.

One thing everyone should know is that anything that gives us happiness is beautiful. This is inclusive of some things that may cause pain initially but the outcome is a thing of beauty. For example, work can be painful like cleaning up the house or gardening or jogging, all these things are likely to cause you some pain while in the process of doing them, but the joy you achieve at their accomplishment is what makes them beautiful.

It is also a good thing to remember that all good things take work and more often than not that work is bound to be painful. So if you are not willing to experience some pain, then you may not get the beauty that you are looking for. Even the thieves have to go through the tension of planning and pulling off the heist before they can achieve the fruits of their labor. This essentially means that beauty requires hard work which may or may not be painful.

The Final Word
While the connection between beauty and pain is not clear cut and dry, it is true that for those who have known no pain, it is a little harder for them to be truly happy. If you do not know ugliness, then beauty is the norm and not something special so you will not appreciate it for what it is. For those who have not lost a family member or seen a friend going through the pain, you may hold petty grudges with your siblings, but should you go through this, you will not only have better appreciation for your siblings but also for the beauty that is life. So many beautiful things in life we take for granted not aware that we could lose them at anytime.

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