STD More Common in Older US Women

A new research study reveals that a sexually transmitted disease (STD) called Trichomonas vaginalis is affecting more number of US women, particularly those above 40. The researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that about 8.7% of US women were infected, compared to previous figures of around four percent.

During the study, more than 7,500 American women aged between 18 to 89 were surveyed. Women above 50 years were the most infected group at 13%. Women in their 40s had an infection rate of 11%. This study spanning 28 states is considered the largest analysis of this particular STD.

The parasite is dangerous because there are no symptoms, but it can cause severe health issues, warn the researchers. They urge all women above 40 years to get checkups. Trichomonas can be effectively treated with antibiotics.

Black women were the most infected at 20%, compared to 5.7% among white women. Trichomonas infection can cause painful urination, genital itching or discharge. This parasite makes the victim more vulnerable to AIDS, and can cause pregnancy and birth problems, besides pelvic inflammatory disease.

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