Electronic Aggression – The New Wave of Bullying

Cyberbullying – you have heard the term before. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, almost half the teens in the US are victims of this means of digital harassment. While teens and children are victims of cyberbullying, adults are victims of cyberstalking. Both these entities of electronic aggression are serious issues which if not dealt with can vandalize the bullied’s psyche and lead to some disastrous consequences.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

In both the forms of bullying, there is an offender and there is a victim. In the traditional form of bullying, the offender is physically present while when it comes to cyberbullying, the offender remains anonymous. Anonymity is the key to cyberbullying where in the user only uses an electronic medium to meet his/her aim by using various means of electronic medium like cell phones, emails, social networking sites, chat forums etc.

Though the identity of the offender is concealed, he/she still makes sure that the end goal, which is derogating the victim, (though not physically but mentally) is accomplished.

How is Electronic Aggression Possible?

The advent of electronic communications and the world of digital technology makes it easy for one to access information and contact details of others. Wondering how? Your profile on a social networking site, your smart phones etc. are vast databases of information. Even if there is no public access available to some of your intricate details, people who are into cyberbullying can use the help of hackers to gather any detail that is accessible digitally.

  • This can lead to the bully using your stolen details and in impersonating you to spread around what he/she intends to. This can cause you a lot of trouble, as you are the one who is going to face the wrath for what you haven’t done.
  • The bully can circulate a false propaganda about you over the internet and degrade you.
  • In chat rooms, the bully would resort to abusive and filthy vocabulary thereby insulting you in a forum that can include several people. This kind of cyberbullying, which is called flaming is what most teenagers suffer.
  • The bully can also images and videos of the victim and morph or alter them into something that the victim would definitely find abusive.

A Few Bullying Statistics

A 2006 I-Safe.org survey revealed the following-

  • 21 percent kids were threatened with emails or text messages
  • 35 percent kids were threatened when online
  • 42 percent kids were bullied when online
  • 58 percent kids felt hurt as the other person said mean things when online

Many countries are now considering cyberbullying, a benefactor of electronic aggression as a serious crime and are framing several laws to overcome this situation. There is every chance for kids who suffer cyberbullying to develop suicidal tendencies. So, parents should be aware of what their kids or doing when online and should speak to them from time to time to make sure that they are not succumbing to electronic aggression.

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