US Teen Births Fall to Record Low

Teen births in the US have fallen 37% in the past two decades to reach a record low, reveals a recent government health report. Still, the US is the leader among industrialized nations in teen births with more than 410,000 births in 2009, which is nine times higher than other rich nations.

The CDC reveals that 30% of American girls become pregnant during teenage, which is a much higher rate compared to other affluent countries. About 46% of teens confess to having sexual intercourse and 14% of girls and 10% of boys reveal they usually do not use birth control methods.

The CDC report suggests that boys should use condoms and girls should use IUDs, hormone shots or birth control pills to avoid teen pregnancy. Hispanic teenage girls have the highest birth rates as many are loathe to use contraceptives.

58% of black teen girls admitted to having sex, compared with 45% of Hispanics and 45% of white teen girls. 72% of black boy teens confess to having had sex, compared to 53% of Hispanics and 40% of white male teens.

The CDC reveals that teen pregnancy and child births cost the economy about $12 billion annually. The good news is that teen pregnancy is going down with falls in the numbers of high school students having regular sex.

Health officials advise parents to get involved and help their teen children. Parents need to advise their teenagers about contraception, safe sex and relationships, they suggest.

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