Even Babies Need to Exercise to Fight Obesity

The British government has advised preschoolers including babies to get daily exercise to ward off obesity. Britain says children below five years, including babies should exercise daily.

The guidelines advise toddlers below five years to remain physically active for a minimum of three hours every day. Parents should ensure kids are not sedentary and do not spend too much time watching television or resting in strollers.

Overweight toddlers are a health concern even in the US, where health experts have recommended diet and exercise guidelines for kids and babies. In the US, about 33% of adults are obese.

American health experts also say parents should ensure their babies and toddlers do not spend too much time in bouncy seats, swings or other resting places, when they are awake. UK officials advise kids to spread their suggested three hours of physical activity through the day.

For babies, the British government recommends swimming sessions or playing on the floor, which aids bone development and encourages the infants to utilize their muscles. Parents should gauge their kids’ mental and physical abilities and devise interesting and effective games to ward off obesity.

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