Aging Boomers Straining American Cities

America’s cities were built for the young and sprightly. But, aging baby boomers are straining these cities as they increase in number.

In New York City, aging baby boomers are set to outnumber children. Therefore, American cities are forging creative steps to help seniors lead independent and active lives.

NYC has taken the lead and has initiated several moves such as utilizing school buses to help seniors go for grocery shopping. Atlanta is busy creating “lifelong communities” for seniors. Portland in Oregon is trying to make accessible housing possible for baby boomers.

But, many critics opine such moves are a bit late considering that demographers have been warning for years about the impact aging baby boomers will have on American society. But, better late than never.

Government and nonprofit organizations and even private businesses are gearing up to help seniors in every little way. It is expected that by 2050, 20% of Americans would have reached senior citizen age.

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