What is Medicine Murder or Muti?

In times when new breakthroughs in medicine are the order of the day, in some parts of the world, the practice of medicine murder continues to exist. It involves killing of human beings and using their body parts as items of healing.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this inhuman form of providing therapy (if ever it happens in any ways). It is known as Muti in some parts of Sub-Saharan African countries where medical facilities are unavailable and the people are at the mercy of this horrible practice.


According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent people in Asia and Africa rely on traditional medicine for primary health care. Muti is probably claimed by its practitioners as belonging to this age old discipline of therapy. Human flesh is the main ingredient in this practice which is carried out secretly even today in some Southern African countries.

As it is close to witchcraft, muti has a controversial status and very little is ever allowed to be known about it. Owing to this reason, few documented research studies have been carried out on this subject in 1951, 2000 and 2005.

What is the Method of Medicine Murder?
People who want to carry out this practice call a so-called expert in this field known as Inyanga. The latter takes the task of preparing a medicine based on muti. Consuming this concoction is believed to strengthen the persona of individuals and enhance their prosperity.

As human flesh is an important ingredient in the preparation of the medicine, a human target is identified. The victim can be men or women and can be children or aged people. In fact, the efficacy is of the prepared medicine is believed to be potent if the sacrificed victim is a child.

The horrible practice stresses on the fact the victim must die on the wounds. This event is also believed increase the potency of the medicine. To carry out such insane task, the victim is bought by paying nominal amount of money at night times and kidnapped to undisclosed and open locations.

Mutilation of the body parts are carried out in inhuman manners while the victim remains in complete consciousness and suffers from pain and agony. The noises made during the torture enhance the potency of the to-be-prepared magic drug.

The flesh from different mutilated body parts of the victim is then mixed with certain herbal plants and cooked to form either a fluid or a paste. The perpetrator then either consumes the medicine or rubs the pastes on the body to enjoy the benefits of this so-called medicine at the cost of a human murder.

Conclusion: The practice of medicine murder is a harsh example of the extent to which ignorance can destroy the qualities of being human. It is a shame in the name of humanity and the bar of anguish raises several times when it is leant that the practice is carried out in the name of HEALING.

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