Nuts can Help to Control Diabetes

A new research study suggests that eating nuts can help diabetes patients to control their cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The researchers found that patients who replaced their daily carbs with mixed nuts reduced their bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

These findings were recently reported in Diabetes Care journal. The authors opine that nuts should not be treated as a panacea for all diabetes evils. Patients should focus on their lifestyle and overall diet to gain benefits, they say.

Nuts have plenty of fat, but these are healthy like unsaturated fats which can reduce the risk of heart disease and give other benefits. But, nuts also have plenty of calories. So, diabetes patients should not merely add them to their diet. Instead, they should replace less healthy foods with daily nuts.

The researchers say nuts are good for cholesterol and blood sugar because they have monounsaturated fats. Besides this, nuts also contain protein, fiber and certain polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties. The authors of the study say diabetes patients should not merely depend on medications, but should also actively focus on diet, lifestyle habits and regular exercise to control their condition.

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