Mississippi is America’s Fattest State

Rural Mississippi continues to be America’s fattest state for the seventh consecutive year reveals a recent annual report on obesity. Colorado, famous for outdoor activities and hiking, is America’s thinnest state.

The report was published by two public health organizations. It reveals that Americans are becoming more obese by the year. In 2010, Colorado with 19.8% adult obesity was the thinnest state. In 1995, it would have been America’s fattest state.

In 2010, 12 states reported obesity levels of above 30%. Most of these states are in southern US. Mississippi was followed by Louisiana, Tennessee, West Virginia and Alabama. In 2006, only Mississippi recorded an obesity percentage of above 30%.

Health experts say the reasons for the obesity epidemic are easy availability of junk foods and increased portion sizes. Schools are ditching physical training and their lunches are not healthy. As a result, not a single state managed to decrease its obesity level.

But, there is some good news too. Only 16 states reported increased obesity rates, down from 28 states last year. Obesity growth rates are slowing down too thanks to better public awareness and government efforts to provide healthier foods to shoppers and school students.

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