Pregnant Smokers can Prevent Side Effects by Quitting Early

British health expert Nick Macklon, a professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the University of Southampton, reveals that pregnant women who quit smoking as soon as possible can also have healthy babies. Pregnant women who quit as soon as they find out they are pregnant can give birth to babies having equal body weight compared to infants born to non-smokers. Body weight at birth is an important indicator of long-term health.

Macklon’s findings are based on a research study which monitored greater than 50,000 British pregnant women from 2002 to 2010. He says this is the largest yet study which shows the benefits of quitting smoking on pregnancy outcomes.

The research found that pregnant women who quit smoking early had babies with markedly higher birth weights. Quitting pregnant women’s babies were 300 grams heavier than babies of women who never quit smoking during their pregnancy.

This study suggests that women should quit smoking within two months of their pregnancy to give birth to babies with normal weight. Macklon says this is encouraging news for smoking women who experience unplanned pregnancies as they can quit before it is too late for the baby.

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