Diabetics Can Prevent Heart Attacks With High Aspirin Dose – Study Reveals!

AspirinDiabetics can now stop worrying about becoming victims of heart attack. An economical way of preventing it is by taking high doses of aspirin, a widely available over the counter medication.

A recent study by Scot Simpson, a researcher from the University of Alberta has shown the significance of Aspirin in preventing heart disease and its recurrence in diabetics.

Data from a clinical trial was collected and analyzed as a part of this study. The clinical trial was aimed at observing the effect of Aspirin intake on preventing first or recurrent stroke or heart attack.

According to Simpson, data from 21 studies was taken and information on diabetic patients who had a stroke or heart attack and were on aspirin was analyzed. It was observed that patients who took nearly 325 mg of Aspirin on a daily basis were at a 23% lower risk of death.

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