Women With Gum Disease May Take Longer To Conceive – Study Reveals!

Pregnant Woman Women with gum disease and who are planning to have kids, consult your dentist immediately. You may take longer to conceive when compared to women without gum disease.

Gum disease or periodontal disease is an infectious disease of gums that can have a harmful effect on heart, lungs and kidneys if not diagnosed and treated on time.

The current study is a first of its kind to investigate the effects of gum disease on the rate of conception in women.

The study involved the analysis of information on pregnancy planning and its outcomes in 3416 women. It was found that women suffering from gum disease took about 7 months to conceive, 2 months more than the women without gum disease.

According to Professor Roger Hart, the findings of this study suggest that gum disease is a modifiable risk factor that increases the conception time of a woman. This study also confirmed that other factors such as being over 35, obesity and smoking also increase the conception time.

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