Preventive Supplementation Of Vitamin E Can Reduce Stroke Damage!

Vitamin E SupplementsAccording to a new study conducted by a team of researchers from Ohio State University, a natural form of vitamin E taken as preventive supplementation for 10 weeks reduced the effects of stroke in dogs. Apart from preventing the loss of neural connections and reducing the overall brain damage this supplement also helped in maintaining continuous blood flow in the dogs’ brains.

About Vitamin E:

The natural form of vitamin E occurs in 8 forms. The research was focused on tocotrienol or TCT. Although this form of the vitamin is not adequately available in the American foods, it can be taken in the form of nutritional supplement.

The study involved 20 dogs which were randomly divided into 2 groups. The first group received 200 mg of vitamin E supplement containing a mixture of tocotrienols twice in a day for 10 weeks and the second group did not receive the supplements.

The group that received the supplements developed lesions in the brain 24 hours after stroke attack that were 80% smaller than the ones developed by the control group.

The results indicate that preventive use of tocotrienol in people who have already had a ministroke can minimize the damage caused to the brains after a major stroke attack.

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