Heart Disease can Affect Women without Their Knowledge

A new research study says heart disease can affect women without their knowledge. Heart attack symptoms in women differ from those in men. Women are also more likely to meet death in the very next year after they suffer their first heart attack.

The American Heart Association reveals that cardiovascular diseases account for 33% of women’s deaths, compared to just one in 30 caused by breast cancer. The new study says health officials need to formulate new guidelines to protect women’s hearts.

In men too, heart disease is the main cause of death. In fact, heart disease affects men more and 10 years earlier too, compared to women.

Risk factors of heart disease for both men and women include a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of junk food, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Women additionally face the risk of coronary microvascular disease, a condition in which small vessels that feed blood to the heart get damaged.

Scientists are not sure about the best treatments for coronary microvascular disease. About 66% of women dying suddenly from heart disease report no symptoms. Heart attack symptoms also vary in women including nausea, pain the jaw or back and shortness of breath.

Health officials say women need to listen to their bodies and undergo periodic check-ups to avoid the risks of cardiovascular disease.

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  1. Well, it’s about time we all check out on our lifestyle and day to day habits. Busy schedules, sitting jobs and less physical activities are adding up the heart and other diseases. Both men and women need to pay attention and be very careful about their general health and lifestyle.

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