Diet Before Conception Can Affect The Health of The Baby After Delivery!

Protein DietWould-be mothers have a double check of what you are eatign! According to a new study, a poor diet before conception can lead to low-birth weight of the baby and may put the baby at an increased risk of developing obesity and type II diabetes.

Diet Before Conception:

The study was conducted on animal models to demonstrate the significance of maternal diet before a woman enters her pregnancy.

As a part of the study, mice were fed with a low-protein diet for 10 weeks before they conceived. But, the diet during pregnancy was normal.

This slight change made the mice to deliver babies that were low in weight and had an increased sensitivity to insulin.

According to Anete Dudele, one of the researchers, low-birth weight and catch-up growth, both these factors are associated with increased insulin sensitivity in children which leads to type II diabetes at a young age. Moreover, male offspring are more likely to become obese.

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