First E.coli Death Reported in France

French health authorities have revealed that the prevailing E.coli outbreak has claimed its first victim, a 78-year-old woman. The woman had been in hospital since June 24 to get treatment for hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is a serious kidney condition afflicting the most seriously affected patients of the E.coli outbreak.

However, health authorities say the culprit E.coli strain which took the elderly woman’s life is different from the strain that is ravaging Germany and has claimed up to 48 lives there. In fact, the source food item that caused the E.coli contamination in the dead French woman has not yet been identified.

Seven more patients of the outbreak are being treated at the French hospital where the woman died. Six of them have been afflicted by the same E.coli strain that caused the German outbreak. European health authorities have blamed contaminated fenugreek seeds from Egypt as the likely source behind that outbreak.

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